Tuesday, June 9, 2015



In our last lesson, students present their Math's blog. The Blog that they made from semester 1 until now is the summaries of their concepts that they have learn during year 7.
Content of their blog are :
Unit 1 : Number
Unit 2 : Algebra
Unit 3 : Geometry
Unit 4 : Further Geometry
Unit 5 : Statistics
Unit 6 : Probability

The main resources of  their blog is from their textbook International Mathematics for the Middle Years 2. They can add from another resources and should put on their blog.
The blog is a year individual project of students. They start create their blog on December 2014 and monthly updating after the unit finish.

Here some sample of student's blog from grade 7 Asia, 7 Australia, and 7 America.
7 Australia 
http://carlosblogsvp.blogspot.com, http://mayardavis.blogspot.com, http://schalkeblogsvp.blogspot.com, http://mkhairunisa.blogspot.com, http://cxoxnxy.blogspot.com

7 Asia

7 America
http://charitymathprofile.blogspot.com, http://marshapp.blogspot.com/, http://johaneslearningmaths.blogspot.com, http://math-jonathan.weebly.com

Here some picture of their activity when they present
Edgar - 7 America

Noah - 7 America

Farik - 7 Asia

Christian - 7 Australia

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