Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome to Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a learning management system for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. It was introduced as a feature of Google Apps for Education following its public release on August 12, 2014. It aims to tie many Google products together into an environment built for education


Google Classroom ties many of Google's products together to help organize assignments, provide teacher to student communication and provide storage for students to submit work.Assignment creation and distribution is accomplished through Google Drive while Gmail is used to provide classroom communication. Each class created with Google Classroom creates a separate folder in the respective Google product where the student can submit work to be graded by a teacher.Communication through Gmail allows teachers to make announcements and ask questions to their students in each of their classes.Google Classroom will not show any ads in its interface for students, faculty, and teachers. Teachers can add students directly from the Google Apps directory or can provide a code that can be entered for access to the class by students.


Assignments are stored and graded on Google's suite of productivity applications that allow collaboration between the teacher and the student or student to student. Instead of sharing documents that reside on the student's Google Drive, files are hosted on the teacher's Drive where they can be accessed by students. Teachers may choose that assignments be duplicated for every student to edit their own copy and then turn back in for a grade instead of allowing all students to view or edit the same document. Students can also chose to attach additional documents, from his or her drive, to the assignment. Teachers have the option to monitor the progress of each student on the assignment but can't edit the documents until it has been turned in by the student. Turned in assignments can be graded by the teacher and returned or returned only with comments to allow the student to revise the assignment and turn back in. Once graded, assignments can only be edited by the student unless the student turns the assignment back in.


Announcements can be posted by teachers to the class stream which can be commented on by students allowing for two-way communication between the teacher and students.Students can also post to the class stream but won't be as high of a priority as an announcement by a teacher. Multiple types of media can be attached to announcements and posts to share content. Gmail also provides email options for teachers to send emails to one or more students in the Google Classroom interface.

To learn more about google classroom click the link below.

To follow the your child's class

 just click the plus sign(+) on the upper right side and type the specific class code.

Grade 7 Asia          .........       b65ata
Grade 7 Australia   ........        6gjw1ql
Grade 7 America   .........       6xhn2yt

Grade 8                  ............    wjrcfa

Grade 10 Milkyway .........    pm72nxx
Grade 10 Cetaurus .........    s7em6s
Grade 10 Andromeda .....    s7em6s

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